8 Things I’ve learned between age 28 and 29

By Jeremy

September 22, 2009

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I really hate it when people don’t spell out words when texting. Srusly, izit rlly tht hrd 4 u 2 typ tha wrd?1! I’d like to think that in this day and age there are very few people that do not have cellphones with a full qwerty keyword, not to mention that they also likely have unlimited texting or unlimited texting within the same cellular network… like everyone I know does… that it isn’t too much to ask for some 6th grade level spelling and grammar. Since calling people has become incredibly passé (demonstrated by the fact that with a 450 min/month calling plan I have 3600 rollover minutes banked), I think it only appropriate that we all learn to text completely and coherently, otherwise you deserve a serious berating.  You’ve been warned.

People are just the way they are. For better or for worse, you aren’t going to change the way people are, they have to want to change. Therefore I don’t argue with people anymore, I don’t get involved with their disagreements and I don’t take anything personal. Sometimes it can come off like I don’t really care, but in reality someone else’s issue is just not a good use of my time. In my post quarter-life crisis life I know the kinds of things I want out of life, and the time to get it done in is limited. I’m going to make the most of it.

It’s good to keep drafts of angry emails overnight before sending them. This is related to number 2, and something that I think everyone should do. If you are angry at someone and don’t think that actually talking to them is such a great idea, write down all of what you are thinking in an email and put it in your drafts folder overnight. If you’re in that kind of mood the following morning, then by all means send it. If you’re not, then just leave well enough alone.

I have awesome family. This is actually nothing new. I knew this at this time last year and the year before that and so on. I lump my friends in here too as my second family, because everyone I call a friend has more times that I can remember been there for me as a true friend would. And despite all of the shenanigans I’ve pulled and helped others pull off over the years, no one has disowned me yet, and in spite of ourselves we all manage to help each other become better people. And for that I’m always grateful.

You are your own yardstick in life. People are going to blame you for things throughout the course of your life, but the real question is how good are you at blaming yourself? There are good times for introspection so long as it’s in a constructive manner. That kind of honesty with yourself is something you can never get from anyone else.

Big actions make rise from small beginnings. I figured this one out when I made the decision to erase my credit card debt at the end of last year. Making small changes in the ways that I lived and thought about money and finance enabled me to do that in less than a year. Was it a major paradigm shift in the way I was living? Not at all, and in reality it’s probably helped me to re-focus on what’s really important to me.

Drink good beer and chocolate milk. Though not at the same time, no good has ever come from that.

The prospect of 30 isn’t such a bad thing. The jokes never really faze me, and to me it seems like life is really just getting started. Those of my generation aren’t chained to the same ideas on life that our parents were. I think if anything, I’m just starting to learn what living is really all about. I know the difference between those that are friends and those that simply are familiar. I know the difference between working a job to pay the bills and doing good work that you can be proud of. I know that its love, not blood, that makes people family. And I know that the things I want and want to do aren’t going to simply fall into my lap, I have to take the action to get it for myself.


One Response to “8 Things I’ve learned between age 28 and 29”

  1. aww Jeremy, great post! Happy birthday, darling! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! lots of love. xo

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