As the days go by…

chandelier, originally uploaded by jeremyalyons.

I’m going to endeavor to take more photos and post them here. So much of the time I used to spend photographing has been transformed into time spent simply keeping up with life. I miss taking photos, it kept me centered.

Many folks think of photography simply as taking images, but it’s so much more. It’s the composition of objects into a limited space to be as appealing as possible… that same limited space could capture the inside of a flower or an entire planet, it’s the capturing of a moment in time or condensing a long period of time into an instant, it’s learning to use light and physics to make something interesting… to make things like colors and shadows into emotions. A good photograph is one that makes me think I could honestly sit and look at it indefinitely without getting tired of it, without analyzing it, just to look into the soul of the photograph and see how the photographer saw through his mechanical set of eyes, and just enjoy it.

I’m ¬†definitely going to have to start carrying my camera again.


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