Software Projects

I’m a computer geek by trade and by hobby. I’m still learning Objective-C so I can start developing for the Mac and Unix, but in the meantime I’m still making applications for the Win32 environment.

These are some of the software projects I’m currently working on:

BulleTwit – An application the filters RSS data (feeds) for keyword relevant data and posts them as tweets to a specified twitter account. [In development]

  • Update 9/21/2009 – The first version of this has been completed. I’m working on cleaning up the code, adding a few features and then will have it available for people to try out. Look for it soon!

Console – An extensible, user defined UI for managing applications, system processes, scheduled events and reporting. [In development]

Lockdown – A system security compliance solution for locking down a Windows based system with controlled access. [In development]

  • Update 9/1/2009 – Completed a version of this with static passwords and limited functionality. Will be adding features to allow people to set the access password at first load of the administrative portion of the application and using the proper administrative credentials.

NoPassword – A system security compliance solution to set a strong password to a given account with Microsoft SQL Server and allow secure access to the database without any user knowledge of the password itself. [In development]


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